by Amy Lindenberger

A Deeper Dive into Color!

Not Just Prismacolor - Understanding Multiple Brands

In Amy's first book, COLORS: A Workbook, Amy showed you how to create a simple 12-color palette system to easily and accurately match colors.

More than 12.

In COLORS: Workbook 2, you'll learn how to include all those other luscious colors you own - across five different colored pencil brands!

Colors galore.

7 Beautiful Step by Step Demos for Hands On Practice

Taking you from a very simple demo, like the radishes above, Amy walks you gently through increasingly harder practice drawings to put your new skills to work.

Colorful to neutral.

Bubbles, giraffes, and even neutrals, like plump dried garlic won't intimidate you as you take this deeper dive into color with Amy.

You got this.

Gain Color Knowledge & Skills to Help with Portrait Skin Tones

Three lovely portrait demos - three varieties of skin tones! This workbook has skin tone covered but Amy's Color system and tools work for any subject matter at all.

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

Any subject - and any mood! Amy includes a thorough chapter on using color for mood and expression and more.


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Missed the first Colors Workbook? Over 250 great reviews!

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Coming to a screen near you in July: Colors webinars!

Any BrandUnderstand color no matter the brand you choose to use. Amy understands that different pencils do better on different surfaces - and she gives you the knowledge to use the colors and brands you like best.

Any SubjectWith seven varied step-by-steps included, with line drawings so you can trace and get practicing with ease, this workbook really does prepare you to choose colors with ease, no matter what you want to draw next!

Any TimeAmy's Even More Colors: Workbook 2 is like a college-level class on color, but without the classroom, the schedule, the finals or the deadlines.  Learn at home, when it's right for you - so much more enjoyable that way!

Yes, Amy knows how to handle color. 

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