Drawing Your Furry Best Friend

German Shepherd Edition

New Dates to be Announced!
8-12 p.m. Pacific Time

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Any way you Slice it, this Pajama Class 
will teach you something new!

Mouth, teeth, eyes – but most importantly, the stiff, bristly hair of this handsome German Shepherd will be thoroughly covered in class, as Aimee shows you how to effectively use the amazing Slice tool to capture highlights, teeny-tiny details and the final fur texture.

Throughout the process, you will learn how to see and utilize the different colors in a subject as well as how to layer the colored pencil to create richness and depth. Particularly tricky areas, such as fur that sticks out toward the viewer and the inside of the mouth, will also be covered.


You'll learn how to use this tool to create highlights and tiny details.


Learn to see the colors in an object and layer them to get the effect you want.


Get an understanding of how hair flows in real life to create lifelike pet portraits.

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5-Star Teacher

"Wonderful teacher, she's very down to earth and encouraging in dealing with her students!" –Priscilla W.

"Aimee did a fabulous job preparing and organizing her presentation today! She also did a great job of anticipating questions we all might have had, as she answered them in an orderly manner before we could even ask them." – Andie B.

"She gave many practical suggestions and explained everything so clearly." – Sheila

Aimee's Incredible Artwork

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