Colored Pencil Hidden Treasures Accepted Artists

Please find below which piece we've chosen for inclusion in CP Hidden Treasures. 

If your name is not in this list, we are sorry to inform you that your work will not be published in either CP Treasures or CP Hidden Treasures this time. We wish all of you the best of luck next time, though. A few artists were chosen this year for CP Treasures for the first time, after entering year after year, so take heart!

If drawing gives you pleasure, keep drawing! 

What's Next:

If you find your name on one of the lists below, please submit your high resolution image by clicking on this link: https://www.cognitoforms.com/Annkullbergcom/cphiddentreasures7submissionform

If your FIRST NAME starts with an A - C, click here.

If your FIRST NAME starts with an D - J, click here.

If your FIRST NAME starts with an K - M, click here.

If your FIRST NAME starts with an N-Z, click here.

Submission Deadline:  March 21

It is your responsibility to submit your image by the deadline.  We will not be sending you a reminder.