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Have You Drawn Cats?
With varying degrees of success, maybe?
We can help with that!

FUR Can Drive You Crazy.

There's so much to notice when drawing fur.  The length, the colors, the direction the fur is growing.... it can all be a bit overwhelming.  Instructor Amy Horton handles fur in 3 simple layers. Gain that skill! And is there any better way than following an instructor live, while getting feedback when needed?

EARS Are Complicated.

Have you struggled getting a cat's ear just right? It can be tough. There are so many colors, values, and hairs that criss-cross this way and that. Let Amy teach you in 4 clear steps how to get it all right without stress. It's all in learning how to break the drawing task into just the right size bits. Amy's a pro at that!

EYES Are Fun But ... Hard.

The soul of your cat drawing, eyes can be fun to draw, but terrifying too, since if they're wrong your entire piece goes downhill, right? In this Pajama Class, you'll learn to relax and simplify the whole process. A few layers, a few perfectly placed strokes and in a matter of minutes, Amy will have you drawing fabulous eyes!

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Great Tutorial

"Great tutorial. This tutorial is  easy to follow, and is producing a great result. It’s my first tabby cat in coloured pencil.   I’ve been using pastel pencils for a few years, and I’m giving myself a year to understand and use coloured pencils, and this tutorial is a great help with layering. "

Bobbins the cat
An excellent, in depth tutorial.  All aspects of techniques covered and well explained."

Very useful
I really enjoyed following this Bobbins tutorial. Every stage was clearly explained and I have learned some good techniques for colored pencil work.  I was pleased with my end result too!"

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Instructor Amy Horton
& Her Stunning Colored Pencil Artwork

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