Be Ready for Online Shows

Online show

Are you ready to submit your artwork to an online show?

We know that it can be tough to make sure your image is the right size and quality for online shows. So we’ve created this page to help you create a stunning, show-ready version of your artwork.

Let's Do It! 



(If you already have a photo of your artwork on your computer, skip to “Check the Size of Your Image” below.)more ideas

  1. Place your unframed art in a well-lit area. Find a location with bright, indirect natural light.
  2. Before shooting, examine the image for any glare or shadows and move the artwork to a different location if necessary.
  3. Photograph the artwork with your phone, without a flash. Shoot landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical), so the image fits best in the viewer window.
  4. Make sure the artwork is square by aligning the edges of the artwork to the edges of the viewer window. The artwork edges should be exactly parallel to the viewer window.
  5. Take several photos, and select the best one.


    Using Android:

    1. Open the Photos app.
    2. Tap and hold the image you wish to send.
    3. Select the Share button.
    4. Select the Email app (or Gmail if you use Gmail) from the list of apps.
    5. A new email will open up with the image attached. Address the email to yourself and click on Send.
    6. If you are prompted to select an image size, select Original.

    Using iPhone:

    1. Open your Photos app.
    2. Find and tap on the image you wish to send.
    3. Tap on the Send icon at the bottom left of the iPhone window.
    4. Select the Mail option.
    5. An email will open up. Address it to yourself, give it a subject line, and tap Send in the upper right corner of the iPhone window.
    6. When prompted for image size, Select Actual Size. 

      1. Open email on your computer and find the email you just sent yourself.
      2. Hover your mouse cursor over the photo OR right-click OR option+click (Mac) on the photo and select Download or the download icon (typically looks like an arrow pointing down).
      3. Select the location to save the photo on your computer. 


        How to view image sizeHere is where you can check the width and height of your image in pixels to make sure the image will meet the requirements of the show you are submitting it to. If it’s not the correct size, you can resize it in the next step. 

        (Click on the image at right to see enlargement.)

        Windows: Right-click the image > Properties > Details Tab > Horizontal/Vertical Resolution.

        Mac: Open the image in Preview > Tools Menu > Show Inspector > Image DPI.

        Note: if your image is smaller than the size required by the show, you will have to photograph it again at a higher resolution. Images that are smaller than required should not be increased in size in the next step, as they will lose quality.



        If resizing or cropping of your image is necessary, use the online tool at Begin with "Step 1" in the blue circle.

        1. Upload your image; then click on Continue.
        2. Crop: Click and drag across your photo to crop out any unnecessary edges. Your art should completely fill the image viewing window.
        3. Resize your picture: From the resize dropdown, select Custom Size. Enter 2000 pixels (or whatever size your show requires) for width. Leave height blank.
        4. Save as JPG; select BEST file quality and then click on I’m Done, Resize My Picture.
        5. Select Save to Disk to download the image to your computer’s Downloads folder. (If you can’t find the image, do a search for the image by its file name.)

          Congratulations! You're Done!

          And now you now have a perfectly sized image to upload to COLOR Magazine’s Member Show, or to any online art show. You are looking pretty tech savvy.