17th Annual Member Show Juror Selections

Award Announcements from Ann Kullberg's COLOR Magazine 17th Annual Member Show!

2016 Juror - Karina Griffiths, winner of last year's Best of Show Award

Jurors Statement:

When confronted with art that is technically brilliant, I tilt my head, breathe in or gasp! But when confronted with art that is technically accomplished and engaging on an instinctive human level, I breathe out and my whole body relaxes. Nothing about the composition, colours or technique challenges me. I don’t fight with it or try to correct it - it just is, inviting me to appreciate it and I slip into that scene or moment - at one with it, present, if only for a few seconds at a time. This is how I have judged these works. Technical skill is comparable and measurable - but our own reaction is something that we ourselves can never predict... and that unique aspect to an artwork is such a powerful part of its overall beauty, and it gives the work its meaning to the viewer and the viewer alone. What an honour to be witness to so much talent.  There are some gifted artists here, and I’m not just talking about the winners! Every single entry is uniquely beautiful full of passion, inspiration and effort.  How can anyone choose just a few? But I had to... so here we go! 




BEST OF SHOW: Macelleria by Andrew Purdy

Every single sense in my body is being activated- smell, touch, taste, sight and sound! I want to get the man’s attention because I want to be served next! The perfect composition of thirds is brilliantly manipulated, the blue top of the glass cabinet, pulling my eye up to the blue tins on the left, following on to the jars with the blue lids on the right, and the pile of cheese intuitively draws your eye back around again and again, and every trip around reveals yet more delicious detail that was missed the first second and third time! A snapshot of busy, everyday life, masterfully crafted with artistic intent to satisfy the viewer, although Andrew has made this look effortless. A modern day coloured pencil masterpiece that could be from any deli, anywhere in the world. Just perfection.

FIRST PRIZE: Old Man in a Green Jacket by Bonnie Sheckter

I gasped!! This drawing is flawless in its technique and consistently so, from one corner to the other. Gorgeous saturated colours blended to perfection, details that leave the viewer wondering how it could possibly be done with coloured pencils, almost unbelievable, and a subject matter that brings out the humanitarian in all of us......how could it not. The best art has meaning beyond the image before you, and Bonnie has delivered a sensitive portrait with consummate skill. Incredible work.

SECOND PRIZE: Andromeda by Holly Siniscal 

The first thing that bewitched me was the stunning blue glittering tulle, illuminated like magic by a string of lights that defines the subtle golden ratio composition, zigzagging in-between the soft skin and the textured fragile fabric. Everything about this drawing is magical, but beyond that, the intimacy that Holly has with the medium allows her to bring the vision to life in a surreal, beautiful, enchanting and stunning way.

THIRD PRIZE: Lets Dance Remembering by Donna Schwarz

This piece captured my imagination from the very first moment. It’s ‘otherworldly’ to me, like four planets orbiting in space, silently and gracefully. The detail in the flowers is exceptional, the subtle hue changes and receding hydrangea heads shows artistically that Donna is accomplished and knows how to create depth and hero the light that so beautifully dapples the petals. I love the palette and the unique view and composition- what a serene work, full of natural earthly beauty with an intergalactic twist! 


Abstract Thought by Barbara Dahlstedt
A master of Portraiture, Barbara has produced an intriguing work, full of questions and personality, her unique style dominating the brilliant, lush coloured pencil work. Beautiful rendering and skin tones, the whole image is captivating and thought provoking!

Eye Candy III by Gretchen Evans Parker, CPSA, CPX
What I love the most about this work is the idea that the glass is just a conduit to reflect the light around it. It’s what we can’t see that is influencing the rich reflections and mesmerizing slivers of colour! A masterful work, and a perfect example of how the environment can change something ordinary into the remarkable.

Give Us Today Our Daily Bread by Carolyn Chua
The details in this are simply mind boggling! How can a loaf of bread in a cellophane bag with a twist tie be so interesting? Because Carolyn has studied and presented it to us in a way that is both artistically beautiful and delightfully interpreted! Stunning, clear and detailed work from a stunning artist.

The Flower Girl by Rebecca V. O'Neil
There is an element of joy, contentment and happiness to this work. Everything has be consistently drawn, a pleasing composition, a satisfying balance of colour, but most of all, a familiar moment that all of us can relate to... feeling the seductive and relaxing rays of sun on our face as we close our eyes to soak it up. I’m being taken there when I look at Rebecca’s lovely work.

God's Glory by Linda Palmer
So much detail in this work, Linda has captured a season on earth with immense sensitivity to the vibrant colours and fragile tapestry of nature as it changes. Repetition of shapes, colours and patterns in the structure of the trees gives the composition a decidedly organised feel to it. This is a scene that we could take for granted and would often miss in the stressful throws of life.

The Little Catcher by Edna Haberle
This piece has a familiarity to it. It invites us to experience the focus of a child, in the zone, placidly watching the game with a strategic eye, but acknowledging that we’re there all the same. His focus has not been disrupted. I love the way Edna has developed the skin tones, the gorgeous eyes and messy red hair. The palette is very satisfying, giving way to a simple and pleasant portrait! Beautifully drawn!

Water Mosaic by Irina Garmashova-Cawton
I love the strength that I feel in this duck as he stands his ground in the hectic flow of the river. The glistening reflections of the sunlight and masterful depiction of the energetic ripples of the water is drawn with expert eyes. Even with all of the detail, the duck remains the focus- a difficult feat to achieve! Competent and delightful!

Sweet Nicole by Nancy Jones
The softness of this drawing is engrossing. And yet, the bright yellows give it an unconscious sense of joy! The tiny details that pull the whole composition together- the cross earrings and blue nail polish balance, and provide a necessary, sharp contrast to the gentle pencil work. Two tiny glints in her eyes and a calm subtle grin tell us she is pleased, and so, we feel the same. I want to say “let me smell too!”