And They Call It Puppy Love

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Meet Riley the Puppy

Happiness is a warm puppy! And happiness is also about seeing wet noses, glistening eyes, and soft fur come to life in this one-day workshop. Peggy's art is described as "dazzling!" Her unique method of using bright and vivid colors brings such life and personality to her work and wins awards. She'll lead you step by step through creating Riley's portrait, but she is also going to give you the freedom to try new things and create art that is unique to you. This exciting workshop is a special chance to learn skills from Peggy that will fire-up your own artwork.

Surprise Colors

Believe it or not, you'll be using colors such as Neon Pink, Parrot Green, and Poppy Red to create Riley! But achieving realism is also the goal in this workshop.

Few Supplies, Big Color

Discover how using only 19 colored pencils can blend into a varied color pallet that can produce natural, life-like tones, and give some interesting, creative touches, too.

Learn and Get Creative

You'll learn to draw fur that appears to flop, curl, and fluff all over, and you'll have plenty of chances to make your own choices along the way, to create art that is uniquely yours.

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About Peggy Magovern

Peggy is an award-winning coloerd pencil fine artist, judge, instructor, and director of national and international workshops. Her original art has been displayed in galleries, museums, and collected nation-wide. Her printed art images are also found in books, book covers, magazines, and editorial publications.

"Peggy is warm, generous and funny. The stories she shared from her past as a commercial artist were fascinating (I used to love to study those drawings in the Banana Republic catalogue, so stylish and inviting! How fun to "meet" one of the artists who drew them!) Peggy takes a playful, experimental approach that encourages looseness and freedom -- sometimes hard for those of us working with colored pencil, which rewards painstaking detail."

"Peggy provides excellent instruction with patience an grace. She shares little stories of her own art journey and some surprises in her art work. Her process highlights the importance of values and the benefit of complementary colors to add vibrance and realistic skin tone. She demonstrates a care free approach which encourages fun and play. It was an amazing experience with an amazing instructor."
–Duff J

Peggy's Art

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