COLOR Magazine's 21st Annual Member Show

Color Magazine's Annual Member Show is designed to showcase artwork from our subscribers of all levels.

This year's show will be juried by last year's Best of Show winner, Cynthia Knox. New this year are separate categories for Hobbyist, Advanced, and Professional artists. From each category, Cynthia has chosen 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place award winners and a Best in Show overall winner.

We hope you enjoy the amazing artwork from each of these talented participants. 

And if you are not a COLOR Magazine subscriber, join us and enter your artwork next year!


Jesse’s Girl
12" x 20"
Kelly Welch

20" x 15"
Maria Villioti

Life's Mystery: Summer
16.5" x 23.4"
Eugenia Hauss

The Look
8" x 10"
Karen Dimaio

Life's a Bowl of Cherries
11" x 14"
Caryn Coville

10" x 13"
Jeanne Carr

The Hospital Cat
12" x 10.6"
Julie Podstolski

Empty Reflections
14" x 11"
Karen Saleen

Pier Memory
17" x 16"
Gretchen Parker

8" x 8"
Virginia Carroll

Just Let Me Breathe II
16" x 20"
Michelle Smith

Resisting a Rest
9.75" x 12"
Kathryn Hansen

Intersection of Time and Distance
8" x 24"
Anda Chance

Sycamore Sunrise
12" x 24"
John Ursillo, CPSA

The Scouts
15.5" x 11.75"
Lis Zadravec

8" x 10"
Susan Salazar

Beach Boys
14" x 10"
Jeanne Bogar

Looking back from the rock pools
5.5" x 5.5"
Nicky Chadwick

Bloom with Grace: for Grandmother
14" x 14"
Katrina Benson

Hurry up Nana, I'm ready for the park!
14.5" x 12.5"
Susan Murray

The Dance of the Leaves
15.5" x 11.6"
Paco Martin

Pride of the South
45" x 35"
Barbara Mason

Purple Glads
10" x 8"
Paula Williams

Coco, my best friend
9" x 12"
Pearl de Chalain

Surreal Conversations
9" x 12"
Ranjini Venkatachari

7.9" x 11.8"
Kerstin Stocker

The Old Iron Mule
13" x 19"
David Neace

Pause and Reflect
11" x 14"
DL Zanetta

A Taste of Autumn
8" x 10"
Kim Keys

26" x 39"
Jesse Lane

16" x 23"
Kathryn Spence

24" x 16"
Kevin Rogers

Spring Kahlo
16" x 12"
D Y Hide

Elkhorn Creek
17.5" x 25.5"
Andria Burchett

A Taste of Fall
12" x 9"
Sheila Hendrix

12" x 9"
Ailsa Miller

Back Doro Lockdown
16" x 12"
Carol E Maltby

12" x 16"
Pat Mitchell

8.5" x 11"
Kathie Collinson

Renaissance Man
13.78" x 9.84"
Silvia D'Almeida

9" x 11"
Silvia Frei

After the Rain
11.7" x 16.5"
Marta Oliehoek

Striving To Be Seen
13" x 7"
Scott Krohn

12" x 8"
Sabine Lackner

Window on a Kind Soul
6.25" x 8.5"
Vickie Lawrence

Abandoned in Bodie
10" x 16"
Andrea Placer

Juror's Statement:

Ann’s Member Show brings out the best of the best each year, and I knew it would be a difficult task to judge such extraordinary talent. So I did a few things to prepare. Before I even saw the entries, I asked my webmaster Mandie to digitally remove all artist signatures and send me a slideshow. This would help me be as objective as possible. When I then viewed that slideshow, I sat far back in my chair looking for those pieces that immediately impacted me. There were sooo many fabulous artworks, but I had to limit my choices and the winners have been named. Congratulations to all who entered and to those who have been selected! And thank you, Ann, for the honor of judging your exceptional Member Show this year.

Best of Show

“Living In An Alternate Reality” – Bonnie Sheckter. Bonnie’s expert mastery of a variety of textures along with her color choices and attention to detail impacted me from the moment I saw this portrait. Her subject’s expression and warm skin tones juxtaposed with the cool clothing palette are eye catching. The brick background with its various chips and markings lends context to this piece, and the title is very relevant to the current international situation. Bonnie’s technical skills, thematic choice, and time investment have resulted in a spectacular masterpiece. Bravo!


First Place: “Dogs in Clover” – Sarah Binns
. Sarah did an awesome job creating a peaceful, serene portrait of these Labradors. The texture contrasts with the sleek fur and softly diffused foreground and background are masterful, and it was easy to imagine myself in that summer field with the dogs. Very impressive piece!

Second Place: “Pick A Pepper” – Nancy Harbaugh. The bright, vibrant, and glorious colors really wowed me, and Nancy did a beautiful job rendering the sleek and pitted textures here. The simple composition with brilliant hues is quite impactful.

Third Place: “Campfire” – Diane Masek-Blow. Diane’s loose and colorful interpretation of the flames delighted me. She incorporated abstract with realistic textures into this artwork, and the end result is a visual treat.

Honorable Mention: “Brooklyn Bridge” – Bob Hubenet
Honorable Mention: “Bubble Daze” – Jennifer Bateson
Honorable Mention: “Baltimore Orioles” – Todd Hatchett
Honorable Mention: “Olive-backed Sunbird” – Shardul Singh


First Place: “I See” – Giddy Richt. Giddy’s clever concept and gorgeous rendering of this young girl really impressed me. She did a wonderful job drawing the viewer into this tender scene and then leading us out of it with softly blurred edges into a dramatically dark background. Simply fabulous!

Second Place: “Unique” – Allison Doatch. Allison’s flower detail is exceptional! She expertly conveyed crisply defined textures against softly blurred ones and caused me to marvel at her skill. Allison’s color palette and value spectrum were well considered and resulted in a stunning floral portrait.

Third Place: “The Apples of My Eyes” – Alma Cartaya. This piece sizzles with vibrant colors and shiny textures. Alma did a beautiful job rendering bright highlights and deep shadows in this eye-catching piece with perfectly formed reflections.

Honorable Mention: “Citrus and Pewter” – Carolyn Comras
Honorable Mention: “The Guardian” – Carla Rene
Honorable Mention: “The Berghoff” – John Guiseppi
Honorable Mention: “In His Hands” – Lorri Dixon


First Place: “Renaissance Man” – Silvia D’Almeida. I found myself smiling back at this beautifully rendered man. Silvia did an amazing job with every aspect of the portrait, and I love the warmth she conveyed along with the variety of exquisite textures. Just gorgeous!

Second Place: “Undercurrents” – Jesse Lane. This is not only a brilliant concept for an artwork, but its detail across 39 inches of surface is beyond impressive! Jesse’s visual framing, realism, and artistic skills are exceptional.

Third Place: “Karajini” – Kevin Rogers. The glorious colors of this landscape are a feast for the eyes! Kevin is skilled at leading the viewer from front to back down this moving stream and showcasing lovely colors and textures along the way.

Honorable Mention: “Disguised” – Maria Villioti
Honorable Mention: “Hurry up, Nana, I’m ready…” – Susan Murray
Honorable Mention: “Resisting a Rest” – Kathryn Hansen
Honorable Mention: “The Dance of the Leaves” – Paco Martin

About The Juror: Cynthia Knox

Cynthia Knox, CPSA is an award-winning artist who has authored 15 art instructional books and teaches workshops throughout the United States, internationally, and online. She is a Signature Member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and a contributor to numerous magazines and publications. Her passion is showing students how to draw with colored pencils and enjoying their progress along the way. Cynthia is working on a new series of colored pencil books with Ann Kullberg Publishing and preparing for her 2021 travel and online workshops. She credits her artistic inspiration to a deep love for God and her family and currently resides in New York with her husband, Jeff. Cynthia's artwork, resume, testimonials, and more can be viewed on her website at, and she is on Facebook and Instagram.