Cuddling Elephants: In-Depth Colored Pencil Tutorial

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    Who can resist elephant hugs?
    This cuddling mama and baby elephant is the perfect tutorial for artists who love learning new techniques and learning how to draw intricate textures. Author Kathryn Hansen shows you wonderful tricks and techniques to create even very difficult textures in new and surprising ways.

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    And with only 17 colored pencils
    With a mere 17 colored pencils, you can bring this charming, heartwarming wildlife scene to life with your own hand. This drawing will take some time to complete... it's not something you can dash out in an evening, but if you like to sink your teeth into a drawing and are willing to take be patient and take the time required, you can create artwork that is both dramatic and impressive.

    What you'll learn:
    • How to easily create the tiny hairs on the elephant's head
    • How to draw wrinkly textures
    • How to use a blender to create smooth textures
    • How to use Brush & Pencil products for brightest whites
    • How to slowly develop water that really looks like water

    Draw... Frame... Bask in your talent!
    About the Author: It's been a very natural journey for Kathryn to blend her love and devotion of animals with her passion for art. They have both been powerful forces in her life since childhood and a never ending source of inspiration in her art. In this tutorial of an Asian momma elephant and her sweet baby Kathryn will break down the complexity of this piece and demonstrate her process so you can create your own beautiful, painterly drawing too. Throughout the process, she shares lots of techniques and tips on how to carefully apply, mix, layer and burnish translucent colors, create rich textures to add dimension and push your value range to the limit to create believable mass and form in your elephants so they come alive on your paper!

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    Printed in the USA. Publish Date: February 2020.
  • 28 large, clear, step-by-step images

    Detailed step-by-step directions and instruction, with pencil stroke instructions and tracing instructions

    ♦ Large, clear line drawing to trace or transfer

    ♦ Tracing instructions

    ♦ List of all materials needed

    Created by master colored pencil artists, each In-Depth tutorial features 30+ steps and focuses on teaching you why and not just how the artist applies their technique. No book or video comes close to the amount of instruction in an In-Depth tutorial. Art instruction books typically contain 4-6 steps per demo. That just scratches the surface! With large images and 30 or more steps, In-Depth tutorials truly show you exactly how the artist works, making it easy to truly learn new colored pencil techniques and achieve success.

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