• Get to know Ann Kullberg...
  • Ann was born in Japan. When she was a kid, Ann loved to draw.
  • She grew up and became and English teacher, married and had babies.
  • ... then divorced... with a special-needs baby. Can't work. What to do? She discovered colored pencils and fell in love.
  • She started drawing portraits and then wrote a book.
  • ... And started a magazine! She was unstoppable - kits, books, workshops, cruises!
  • Now Ann teaches all over the world - she's still in love with colored pencils...
  • ... And still loves inspiring you to shine!

We're here to help make your colored pencil art shine!

Recent Articles

The Treasure Map of Life by Karina Griffiths
January 19, 2017

Karina is among 29 artists featured in DRAW Portraits in Colored Pencil - the best selling bible of step by step CP portraits, edited by Ann Kullberg. We are delighted to share her story about inspiration and art below. My mum...

And So, I Keep Drawing.
January 11, 2017

by Jesse Lane "Gravity" by Jesse Lane. One of the five pieces lost in a fire last month. From time to time, I think we all wonder what it would be like to lose a piece of art. Last month,...

Coloured Pencil Milestone in Malaysia
December 31, 2016

The following story was submitted by Sharon Kow and is published with permission. Sharon shares her experience as the first colored pencil artist to be featured in a major art show in Malaysia - The Langkawi Art Biennale!! A huge...

Workshop Cruises rock!
August 11, 2016

12 years ago we held our very first Colored Pencil Workshop Cruise to Mexico. We had two dozen fun-loving participants and everyone had such a blast that week on board that we've continued to hold two cruise workshops a year...