CP Florals: A Complete Guide to Drawing Florals in Colored Pencil

  • A MUST HAVE for every colored pencil library!
    Cynthia Knox shows you in perfect detail how to draw beautiful, lyrical, stunning florals in every shade.

    Red flowers, pink flowers, lavender, blue, white and more...she deftly walks you through the entire process. Love learning? You can't go wrong with Cynthia! What's Inside? 

    Crystal clear guided instruction.
    Large, easy to follow step-by-step images.
    10 step by step demos featuring warm and cool flowers.
    5 GORGEOUS still life floral demos.
    Detailed section on materials - paper, pencils, tools and more.
    170 pages.

    Order Print or Digital Premium and get the Quick Start Pack at 25% off.
    The Quick Start Pack features printer friendly reference photos and line drawings from all 15 demos in CP Florals.

    Free Shipping with $75+ (US)
    170 page perfect-bound paperback or PDF book. Glossy cover. 8.5" x 11". Indexed.

    Enter your finished drawings to

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  • You can't wait to dive in and start drawing.

    Good for you! Why waste a minute?

    With the Premium option you get CP Florals plus the Quick Start Pack at a 25% savings.

    You can choose either "Print Premium" or "Digital Premium" from the "choose one" drop down menu above - "Print Premium" comes with both the print version of CP Florals plus the digital download of the Quick Start Pack. "Digital Premium" comes with both CP Florals and the Quick Start Pack in digital download format.

    The Quick Start Pack includes printer-friendly line drawings and reference photos from the book so you can start practicing the demos in a flash. If you're someone who doesn't have the time or patience to get set up, Quick Start is the way to go. No need to scan or copy or enlarge or mess around.

    Print out the line drawing of the demo you want to try first.
    Start drawing!

    NOTE: The Quick Start Pack is available only as a digital download - PDF format. 49 pages. A link to the PDF will be sent to you immediately upon checkout.

    See more about the Quick Start Pack here >
  • You're serious about learning to draw beautiful flowers.

    With the Ultra-Premium you receive:

    Soft-cover book plus
    Instant download version plus
    Quick Start Pack

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