Is that really colored pencil? Yes!

And Carmen will show you step by step how to make your cherries glisten and glow, too.

Begin with a value study in white, then gradually add color, starting with light reds and going ever darker to recreate these plump, vivid, eye-popping bombs of glistening color. 

The clear instruction will guide you from start to finish with 32 step by step images. Glistening Cherries is a great way to learn colored pencil techniques on black paper. So realistic, yet so simply taught. Halfway through this lesson, you might even start tasting these luscious cherries!

Carmen will show you how to isolate sections of crystal to gain accuracy. You'll learn a lot about working on black paper, creating dramatic color and light, and how to draw cut crystal with ease. And we think you'll enjoy every minute.

A black background adds drama to a still life composition. In this lesson you will learn how to render a glass object that sparkles by focusing on the colors, details and reflections that you see. You will also learn how to produce the rich, intense colors of the cherries to create fruits that glow. The project is done on sanded paper. You are sure to like working on sanded paper because it accepts multiple layers of color and you can easily apply light colors over dark ones. A juicy way to grow your colored pencil skills!

Draw... Frame... Bask in your talent!

ABOUT IN-DEPTH TUTORIALS: Created by master colored pencil artists, each In-Depth tutorial features 30+ steps and focuses on teaching you why and not just how the artist applies their technique. No book or video comes close to the amount of instruction in an In-Depth tutorial. Art instruction books typically contain 4-6 steps per demo. That just scratches the surface! In-Depth tutorials truly show you exactly (and we really do mean exactly) how the artist works, making learning new drawing techniques easy and stress-free.

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Carmen Barros likes to work on dark paper especially when rendering glass objects. She enjoys sharing her love of art and teaches a popular class in her hometown on painting with colored pencils. Recently her work, Lemonade, was selected as part of CPSA’s 27th Annual International Exhibition.


Prismacolor Premier – Rosy Beige, Pale Vermilion, Carmine Red, Permanent Red, Poppy Red, Crimson Red, Crimson Lake, Tuscan Red, Black Cherry, Dark Purple, Canary Yellow, Orange, Grey Green Light, Limepeel, Olive Green, Blue Slate, True Blue, Sienna Brown, Dark Brown, Cool Grey 10%, Cool Grey 20%, Cool Grey 30%, Cool Grey 50%, Cool Grey 70%, Cool Grey 90%, Warm Grey 10%, Warm Grey 20%, Warm Grey 30%, Warm Grey 50%, Warm Grey 70%, Warm Grey 90%, Black, White

Small Swiffer duster. A Swiffer duster picks up the pencil crumbs so there is less chance that color will smear into the sanded paper. White transfer paper.

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