Draw My Demo Colored Pencil Competition

    Artists can enter by submitting any completed step-by-step demo from the following books published by Ann Kullberg:

    CP Cats by Gemma Gylling
    CP Horses or CP Florals by Cynthia Knox
    CP Surfaces: Black Paper  or Clayboard by Amy Lindenberger
    DRAW Portraits in Colored Pencil, edited by Ann Kullberg

    Entry Deadline: November 21, 2016

    $5 per entry.  Unlimited entries.
    Free entry for COLOR magazine subscribers (subscribe here)
    Change the Quantity above for more than one entry.
    Are you a subscriber? Click here for entry. 

    Five categories: CP Florals, CP Horses, CP Cats, CP Surfaces and DRAW Portraits
    Each category will have one 1st Place Winner and 2 Honorable Mentions
    Each cateogry will be judged by the author of the category's book

    Each 1st Place Winner will win:

     - Choose the Quantity above for your desired number of entries.

    - Click Add to Cart.

    - After order completion, on the order confirmation page, click on the link that says "Click here to download your digital goods"  (An email containing the link will also be emailed to you automatically. This email is sent to the same email address you used for payment.)

    - Download the Submission Guidelines which includes a link to the Entry Form.

    1. Draw any step by step demo from any of the qualifying books
    2. Judging will be based on accuracy of line and value, but creative artistic license is also encouraged
    3. $5 per entry for non-subscribers. Subscribers can enter for free. Change the Quantity for multiple entries.
    4. Open to all colored pencil artists worldwide. No membership or subscription required.
    5. Follow image upload requirements
    6. Fill out entry form properly
    7. Entries must be in colored pencil. (i.e., pastel versions of one of the demos not allowed)
    8. Your entry will appear in a public showing online and may be featured in COLOR magazine.
    9. ENTRY DEADLINE:  November 21, 2016.

  • You only lose when you don't try!

    The only way to improve your colored pencil skills is to practice, practice and more practice! Each of the books selected for this competition can teach you something new. Pick one up today and try!

    Already have one of these book? Find your best work and submit it!

    ENTRY DEADLINE:  November 21, 2016.

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