COLOR Magazine Collection Books: 2014-2018

A magnificent collection of the past 5 years in COLOR Magazine history! The 2014 - 2018 COLOR Collection book set totals nearly 1500 pages of amazing colored pencil artwork, advice and inspiration.  

Each fully indexed book contains 12 complete issues of Ann Kullberg's COLOR magazine from that year. Pour over dozens of critiques, reviews, and step by step lessons from award winning colored pencil artists - not to mention page after page of amazing artwork to inspire your next project. Curl up on your sofa or take it on vacation and explore the wonderful world of colored pencils!

BONUS: Find it fast!

Forget about skimming through individual issues to find that tip or tutorial you're looking for - all 12 issues of COLOR are fully indexed in each book and organized to create a year's worth of resources all in one volume!  Also includes stunning images from the Annual COLOR Magazine Member Shows as an added plus!

Two ways to order:

1. Five paperback books - Gloss covers. Semi-gloss interior pages. Free digital downloads included. 
2. Digital Download Only - Huge savings and super handy! Download the 5 PDFs on up to 3 devices and zoom, search and read to your hearts content!

Printed in the USA..

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