Buy a colored pencil for Sunil please!

I've closed this now.  With the breathtaking generosity of the colored pencil community, Sunil will be receiving 7 times as many pencils as he lost.  Now THAT is good Karma!  :-)


Be a sweetie - help make this my happiest birthday ever - buy a colored pencil for Sunil.  It'll make you feel all good all over!

One of the privileges of a bit of "artistic fame" is that you meet wonderful, inspiring artists from all over the world. Sunil Joshi from India emailed me nearly a decade ago, sending me one of his amazing colored pencil drawings. Besides his immense talent, I was so taken by the fact that in India, colored pencil supplies are virtually impossible to obtain, and of course, anyone working in colored pencil in India would be working alone...certainly no support base like we have here! How was this man doing this?? I was so impressed...

Over the years, I've supported Sunil as best I could, and part of that support was in sending Prismacolor colored pencils to him. Not for free! We donated mostly just time. Sunil lets us know what pencils he needs, we order them, he pays for them and we ship them, along with a few extra goodies like different papers and misc. small supplies.

In December, Sunil placed a HUGE order by India's standards. $82 worth. I'm pretty sure that's a small fortune for Bangalore. We sent the package. It never arrived. Someone in India is enjoying Sunil's pencils. Sunil is one of the kindest, most respectful, most appreciate and most honest men I know. This news has been heartbreaking...

But then an idea was born.

I've always found colored pencil artists to be generous in nature...and I was pretty sure if people knew, they'd be happy to donate a single colored pencil to an amazing artist.  So that's where you come in!  Donate a pencil (or two!) and make two fellow colored pencil artists very happy: Sunil and me!

I should add that I didn't clear this with Sunil first, mostly because I knew he'd ask me not to!  But I know people LOVE to help when they this is a win-win-win!  I'm happy, Sunil's happy and you're happy, too!

Thank you for your generosity!

NOTE: We've reached our goal - but several people on Facebook said why not keep going and give Sunil a HUGE surprise.  So that's what we're doing!  :-)

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Sharon K.

    Buy a coloured pencil for Sunil please.

    I am glad that I could chip in to help a fellow artist. All thanks to Ann who mentioned in on her page, on her birthday, thus allowing me to participate in this meaningful gesture. I considered this 'a pay it forward' and it felt good doing something for someone who really needs it. You all in Ann Kullberg's CPM not only passionate about cp art but also passionate and compassionate human beings. Keep doing what you are doing and you know many of us will back you up in whatever way we can.

    Janet H.

      Buy a colored pencil for Sunil please

      So glad I could help! :)

      John I.

        Pencils for Sunil

        I was happy to give towards pencils for Sunil and it was nice to see so many generous donations for him!

        Cheryl M.

          Happy Inside

          It makes me happy inside to help a fellow artist. Thanks to Ann Kullberg for her compassionate heart and for creating a way that we could help Sunil. Pencils are the perfect smile maker!

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