Step 7 - Rainbow Bird of Paradise

Project Notes:

• With repeated touching, drafting film can pick up the oils from your skin, so always handle film by the edges.

• On a scale of 1-5 pressure, with 3 being normal writing pressure, use a 2 pressure for all steps unless otherwise noted. Lighter pressure allows you to apply more layers.
• Unless otherwise noted, a loop or scumbling stroke is used throughout. 

Strokes Used in this project

STEP 7: We'll be moving to the leaves now. On FRONT, use the reference photo to locate the areas of pinks and blues and yellows in the foliage, usually on the leading and trailing edges of the leaves. Use BLUSH PINK, CANARY YELLOW, and LIGHT CERULEAN to color-in these areas, using a very light touch. Add CANARY YELLOW and just a touch of MAGENTA at the very top tips of some of the leaves.


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