Step 6 - Rainbow Bird of Paradise

Project Notes:

• With repeated touching, drafting film can pick up the oils from your skin, so always handle film by the edges.

• On a scale of 1-5 pressure, with 3 being normal writing pressure, use a 2 pressure for all steps unless otherwise noted. Lighter pressure allows you to apply more layers.
• Unless otherwise noted, a loop or scumbling stroke is used throughout. 

Strokes Used in this project

STEP 6: Add a very light layer of LIGHT CERULEAN BLUE (Pressure 1) over the MINERAL ORANGE on the left side of the stem to deepen the shadow. Use the feather stroke, with the heaviest coverage on the far left side; feathering as you move right.

Edge the very bottom of the bract with CERULEAN BLUE. Next, use very sharp CERULEAN BLUE and COBALT TURQUOISE to create ribs by adding directional lines over the main part of the bract. Keep the pink tip of the bract at the far left free of lines.


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