Step 13 - Rainbow Bird of Paradise

Project Notes:

• With repeated touching, drafting film can pick up the oils from your skin, so always handle film by the edges.

• On a scale of 1-5 pressure, with 3 being normal writing pressure, use a 2 pressure for all steps unless otherwise noted. Lighter pressure allows you to apply more layers.
• Unless otherwise noted, a loop or scumbling stroke is used throughout. 

Strokes Used in this project

STEP 13: on FRONT: Fret the background over the solid color you have applied in Step 11. (Be sure to look up how to do the fretting technique by clicking on the strokes link above.)

The idea is to work outwards from the center of the plant with the darkest shade, INDIGO BLUE, closest to the center. Follow that with the middle shade, MEDITERRANEAN BLUE, in the center portion of the halo, then follow with the lightest shade, TRUE BLUE, in the outermost area of the halo.

Look over your Bird, and make any color adjustments you feel need to be made.

Congratulations on completing your beautiful Rainbow Bird of Paradise!


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