Step 11 - Rainbow Bird of Paradise

Project Notes:

• With repeated touching, drafting film can pick up the oils from your skin, so always handle film by the edges.

• On a scale of 1-5 pressure, with 3 being normal writing pressure, use a 2 pressure for all steps unless otherwise noted. Lighter pressure allows you to apply more layers.
• Unless otherwise noted, a loop or scumbling stroke is used throughout. 

Strokes Used in this project

STEP 11: On FRONT, use NON PHOTO BLUE to very lightly draw a halo around the Bird of Paradise, leaving the tip of the flower and some leaves outside the circle. Use NON PHOTO BLUE to create two more concentric circles inside the first. These lines will indicate where the background color gradations will go. (click on the link below for a progress shot.)

In Progress

Fill-in the smallest circle (closest to the base of plant) with MEDITERRANEAN BLUE, the next largest circle with TRUE BLUE, and the outer circle with NON PHOTO BLUE. Use the feather stroke at the edges to blend the colors into each other, and the outermost color into the film at the outer edges.

To intensify the color on on the front side and smooth it out a bit, flip over to BACK and color-in the entire blue background area with NON PHOTO BLUE, Feathering the outer edges.


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