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Every SOAR Colored Pencil Workshop instructor has been trained and certified by Ann Kullberg to bring you the highest quality classes with fun and learning in mind! These 13 extraordinary SOAR Instructors include experienced teachers, professional and award winning artists, and acclaimed authors - each with their own signature style and set of techniques to share with students.

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Rhonda Dicksion

Blooming Roses on Drafting Film

Amy Lindenberger

Winsome Portrait on Black Paper

Gemma Gylling

Majestic Cat on Pastelmat

Jeannice Gordon

Iris Botanical on Watercolor Paper

Scott Krohn

River Rocks on Colored Paper

Mandy Peltier

Vivid Lilies on Sanded Paper

Gretchen Parker

Glass & Rose on Drafting Film

Dan Miller

Mountain Landscape on White Paper

Pearl de Chalain

Hummingbird on White Paper

Vickie Lawrence

Paint Horse on Colored Paper

Andria Burchett

Radiant Swan on White Paper

Michelle Sanders

Green Reflections on White Paper

Rhonda Bartoe

Young Lad on White Paper