Portrait Workshop Part II

You're in for a treat with my Portrait Workshop - Part 2!


You've learned the basics and had time to practice - now let Ann help you create the best portrait you've ever done in colored pencils! This workshop is an intense 3 days of learning, trying and succeeding with your own portrait subject.

Ann will help you with:
  • Believable skin tones
  • Backgrounds
  • Capturing a Likeness
  • Facial Features
  • Using a full range of values

Ann will start to work with you before class even begins! 4 weeks before the workshop, we'll ask you to email us images of the portrait you'd like to work on in class.  Ann will offer her advice on cropping, backgrounds, etc.  She'll then send you detailed instructions on how best to transfer a line drawing to your drawing paper.  Once the workshop begins, we'll all be off and running for a fun and productive 3-days of portrait painting with colored pencils!

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Hope to see you at a Portrait Workshop Part 2 soon. 

Just when I was beginning to think I'd never get the hang of it, this Portrait Workshop came along and turned it all around. Ann is an excellent teacher, not only because her craft is well honed and, thus, lends itself to clear, step-by-step instructions, but also because she is a very warm and friendly (not to mention quite humorous!) Rather than being intimidating, the learning experience was lots of fun; It felt like I was learning from a friend and not just an instructor. The packet of class materials is well organized, and she keeps the pace moving so you leave the workshop feeling satisfied that you have been given the tools to become an accomplished colored pencil portrait artist." - Paula Krause, Fayetteville, GA (September, 2013)