Mastering Colors: A Webinar Series

3 ways to learn - try one or take them all! Space is limited, so reserve your seat fast.

Deeper Understanding and End to Color Confusion

Color might still be a bit of an elusive mystery, even after reading or working through Amy's workbook, especially color Intensity. You are so not alone. Amy believes many people have a hard time truly understanding color intensity. In this short workshop, Amy will help you really, really get all of her systems and worksheets so you can move forward with your art with confidence.

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• 2.5 hours
• Limited to 100 attendees

Aug 9 (8:00 - 10:30am Pacific Time)


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Hands On: Putting the Tools into Practice

With Amy's expert step-by-step guidance, you will put the tools, principles and strategies of her Colors Workbook to great use. Together, you'll draw a single-hue project in class - this luscious purple plum. Whether you learn by watching or doing, this hands-on project will clearly solidify Amy's color concepts for you.

Can't make the date?
All registrants will receive a recording!

• 1 day workshop
• 4.5 hours
• Limited to 40 students

Aug 11 (8:00 - 12:30pm Pacific Time)


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Skills for a Lifetime

For those who want to master Amy's concepts, this multi-hued project will cover so many hues, intensities and values that you can't help but be a pro by the end.  Limited to a small group so Amy can clarify and guide you to complete mastery of and understanding of color, and the implementation of it in your artwork. Truly you are set to gain color skills for a lifetime.

Can't make the date?
All registrants will receive a recording!

• 1 day workshop
• 6 hours
• Limited to 30 students

Aug 17 (8:00 - 2:00pm Pacific Time)
Aug 29 (8:00am - 2:00pm Pacific Time)


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Amy Lindenberger's newly published system, Colors: A Workbook & Live Online Webinar Series, will give you new skills you can use for a lifetime. Join Amy online this month and explore your favorite medium: COLORED PENCILS!

In Amy's own words:

"I am very passionate about the subject of color mixing, in part because I know how baffling it was to me when I was a student, and in part because I've seen my own students slowed down or stuck, because they didn't know what color to use and had to wait for me to tell them. I knew that what was needed was not formulas, but a proven strategy for color mixing that an artist could turn to that would give them the right color, every time. That strategy is achievable by creating the color-matching tools that I have laid out in my book.

While it is fine to give written directions for creating the tools, I believe it is even MORE powerful to be able to talk directly to students in order to communicate: WHY the tools are important, HOW to create them correctly, and then to demonstrate how they are used to help match color. I also think it is beneficial to open a conversation with students, to be able to answer their questions and provide some support. Those are the things I hope to achieve with this webinar series."

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Purchase of Amy's COLORS Workbook is not a requirement for registering for these webinars, however, you will get so much more out of class if you have the book and take a little time to scan it before joining Amy online. She will reference parts of the workbook and printable worksheets included when you order the workbook.