In-Depth Tutorials

It really doesn't get any clearer than this!

In-Depth Project Kit for Colored Pencil

Our "At Home Mini-Workshops" are designed to give you the ultimate at-home instruction.  Created by master colored pencil artists, each tutorial features 32 steps and focuses on teaching you techniques that are unique to that tutorial.  

No book or video can come close to the amount of information found in our In-Depth tutorials. Most books contain 4-6 steps per painting.  That just scratches the surface!  In-Depth tutorials really, really show you exactly how the artist does what she does.

It is truly like taking the artist/creator home with you for a personal workshop.

And the bonus is by the time you've finished your In-Depth Tutorial, you've not only gained knowledge, new insight and practice in honing your've also created a beautiful drawing!

Each In-Depth Project Tutorial contains:
  • An introduction containing general advice, tips and hints
  • 32 full-color, large, step-by-step images
  • Clear and detailed Line Drawing to transfer
  • Very detailed instructions for every step, including the pressure you should use, how sharp a point to use, etc
  • Emphasis on the "why" of the particular technique, rather than just the "what"
  • Colored Pencil Palette list 
  • 20 pages