FAQ - Magazine Subscriptions

Can I subscribe for a year or more, rather than monthly?
We're sorry... only monthly subscriptions are available within the US.  But your subscription will continue for as long as you'd like, without interruption, until you cancel.  Worry-free and hassle-free! (International subscriptions)

Why can't I subscribe for a full year?  Why is there only a monthly option now? With all the subscription types we used to offer (online/PDF/Print/International/yearly/half-yearly) keeping track of everyone's subscriptions eventually left us all a little batty!  It also meant making mistakes too often with people's subscriptions, so we decided the best way to insure that you got the magazine you paid for was to go month to month.  If you really, really want a yearly subscription instead, we can do that for you.  Just Contact Us and let us know.  The charges are $99/year for Print and $54/year for Digital Download.

Why can't I just add a subscription to my Cart?
The nature of subscriptions (recurring payments) makes it a special transaction and must be completed on it's own. We apologize for the inconvenience.

When does my new Print subscription start?
It begins the month after you subscribe with the next month's print issue of COLOR Magazine. You'll receive each month's issue on or near the 1st of each month. If you would like to purchase the current month's Print edition separately, you can do so here: www.magcloud.com/user/annmkullberg 

When does my new Download subscription start?
Immediately! After subscribing, you'll immediately receive an email containing a link to the current month's Digital Download PDF.

I subscribed to the Download PDF version but didn't receive my first issue.
The link to your first issue should have been emailed to you automatically. It is emailed to the same email address you used to pay for the subscription. If you use a different email for payment, please check that email. Not there?  Contact Us!

I don't want to miss a single issue!  My shipping/email address has changed.  How do I let you know?
Contact us with your new shipping or email address. Please let us know which subscription you have - Print or Digital.

I need to change my credit card info.  How?
Clear instructions here >

How do I cancel my subscription?
You will have a "Cancel Now" link included in each payment receipt email you receive each month.You will also have access to a subscription management screen that is included in each payment receipt they receive. From here you can replace cards, see payment history and cancel your subscription.  You can cancel your subscription at any time. Clear instructions here >