Example for Affiliates

Pretend this is your blog or website. Let's say you just received Cynthia Knox's new CP Horses book and you're just thrilled with it and would like your friends and readers to know about it.  So you write up a little post about the book and why you are so excited about it and why you recommend it.

You then login to your affiliate account and click on the Creatives tab on your dashboard.

Image Categories are listed on the left.  Click on the CP Horses book category and click on the image you want to include on your website/blog.  There will be code to copy which you can add to your website. Link the image using the link shown below the code.

Too technical??  NO PROBLEM - we have an easy solution!

Step 1- Right-click on the image you want and choose Save Image As. Save it to your computer.

Step 2 - Insert the image into your blog/website/Facebook page.


Step 3 - Link the image to your affiliate link (found on your dashboard).

Still too technical?  How about this solution?


Write whatever it is you want to share about annkullberg.com. A workshop - how a video has helped you, etc.  At the end of your write up, include your affiliate link.

It's that simple. 

Now you've made me happy, your friends happy and you're all set to earn some free money to buy more colored pencils!