Congratulations, Everyone!

We're so proud of the results of the first ever A Step A Day online collective lesson - Young Emiko Portrait. This new series is FREE for all subscribers to participate it, and a new project is about to start! Not yet a subscriber? Click here to join the fun - Step 1 of Bird of Paradise begins April 21st!

Oksana Burr

Barbara Murray

Ann C Fogg

Jennifer Bateson

Lulu Kri

Carolyn Comras

Hleing Aye

Bonnie Sheckter

Paul Hunt

Katie Swain

Joyce C Mayer

Ann Hankel

Deb Dorband

Marilyn Theisel

Barry Swarbrick

Romona Inskeep

Cassie Branson Miller

Denise MacDonald

Lynn Wells

Ceil VanWinkle

Lisa Hammerstein

Clasien Pantelmann

Deb Boudra

Sheila Niederhofer

Beryl Owen

Karen Close

Pris Hardy

Vickie Lawrence

Carolyn Dennis

Debbie Fischer

Les Gaston-Johnston

Diana Schmidt

John Irvine

Marie Sloan

Diane Radtke

Helen Corcoran

Carmen Barros

Paula Drieci

Junko Saita

Pam Smith

Ruth Paul

Helen Seach

Linda Phillabaum

Judy Rynearson