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Ignoring our request that you do not post your acceptance on Facebook or other social media of your inclusion in CPT4 will immediately disqualify you from being included in the book. We are very, very sensitive to this issue.

Link for Final Submission Form: https://fs16.formsite.com/annkullberg/form46/index.html

Deadline for Final Submission: April 21

Accepted artist and title:

Artz Keith The Road at the End of the Bend
Aye Hleing Orange Under The Light
Baisden Jeffrey Smart Castaways
Barbier Wilfrid Sapa, North Vietnam
Bauduin France Late afternoon watch
Belcher Pamela Alipur Village
Borrett Robin Southwell Minster
Bril Tatjana The white fox
broad paddi Who, Me?
Broemmelsick Karen Prowling Tiger
Burchett Andria The Fede Hike
Carnie Mike Blue
Carpenter Jennifer Emergence
Carroll Virginia "Monsoon Sky"
Childs Ann The Sgrada Familia Barcelona
Chua Carolyn Rise and Shine
Coville Caryn Gone Fishing
Dahlstedt Barbara Abstract Thought
de Chalain Pearl Eye See You
DellaRocco Maryann Winter Sip
Devine Richard Osprey: Lovers Key, Florida
Dion Christine Sweet Slumber
Doliba Anzhelika Sunshine
Egger Sherry Little Blue Heron
Erby Travis Ronnie's Tears
Fagan Jan Sleepy Time Time
Fantini Laura Similar Features (11)
Faraklou Titika Be Brave!
Frein Tracy Claire: Bewitched
Friedman Deborah The Secret Life of Leaves
Garmashova-Cawton Irina The Glen Beyond The Gate
Garner Lori Alison
Geissenhainer Mary Ellen High School Reunion
Godfrey-Glynn Isis Ash
Griffiths Karina Illegal Artist
Guthrie Elizabeth River Roses
Hansen Kathryn A Paws in Time
Harris Howard Colored Pencil
Hastings Charlotte My Uncle Bob
Hedgecock Angie Tilly the working Cocker Spaniel
Heilbronn-Crown Judith The Bridge at Radford Bottom Lock
Hester Sharon Oh Shenandoah
Hoque David Abby and Romeo
Howard Denise Tree of Kintsugi
Hoyt Cheryl Riotous Red Peony
Hull Karen The Farm Hand
Huss Bernd Rock Pigeon
Iotti Cristina LIFE#3
Jenvey Kate Partners
Johnson Sonja Shed A Little Light
Johnston Reisha Can we be friends
Jones Nancy Walter
Kaminski Robin Watch Your Feet
Kinarney Tom ZooSnooz-z-z
Klekociuk Richard Colour Fields 5.
Knox Cynthia Majesty
Kow Sharon In The Light
Krohn Scott Stone Faced; Self Portrait
Lamb-Heinzle Sherry After the Rain
Lane Jesse Resolve
Lawrence Vickie New Kid on the Block
Lee Donna In the Beginning
Lynch Kelly Bluebird on Branch
Maguire Julie Feeding Time
Maltby Carol The Wanderer in the Woods
Marcil Suzanne My Sister's Crystal
martin dominguez paco Sweet moment
Mathieson Jewel "Shepi & Kep"
mazgaj sharon frank Goldie Drawn
Mellway Terry Threesome
Miller Dan Zion Canyon
Miller Julie Little Veronica
Moore Barbara Reflections under the Ponte Vechio
Moran Iturralde Tomas The Lotus Pond.
Murray Barbara Antarctic swim team
Murray Irma Sunny Side Up
Neace David Summertime
Nelson Peter Four Jolly Old Men Of Lydford - Fred, Harry, George & Henry
Otto Patricia Ainsley
Parker, CPSA,  CPX Gretchen Evans Eye Candy III
Parks Paula A Quiet Explosion
Parry Marchese Jill Hidden in Plain Sight
Pascoe Cathy Black Velvet
Pirie Janie Yellow Tulips in a Jar
Placer Andrea Fancy Funghi
Podstolski Julie Encounter
Przyborowski Agnieszka "Balance" selfportrait
Purdy Andrew 3032 Venice
Quinn-Hensley Carolyn Brasenose College, Oxford, England
Ras Jenny Little One
Rhodus Theresa Ultra Classic Electra Glide
Rowe Jackson Shana Baylee Belle
Rudoler Susan Roman Beggar
Sandell David City Girl 2
Schaffer Lynne Green Vase with Fruit
Schuster Mardell Five on a Log
Sheckter Bonnie Old Man in a Green Jacket
Siniscal Holly Andromeda
Slade Donna Aborigines
Smith Sherry Peachy Keen
Smolko John Deborah (Magistrate)
Stancliff Dan Leap Frog Team Tryouts
Stanley Deb It's All About Me
Steinberg Arlene Gossip Column
Stripling Iris A-Peeling Clementines
Strope Kelly Stay Strong
Suffolk Guerine Nancy Double Rainbow Sand Haulers
Turner Amy S Soul Plexus - Tulips With Pearl Chakras
van de Mortel Liedia In the spotlight
vigil suzanne Tropical Illusion
Villioti Maria Contrast
Wagoner Dee The Lily Pond
Wallace Melanie Water Jewel
Wilson Jared Paul Lunch Date
Wilson Phillip 39 Cadillac
woollett alan red deer and Magpie
Wouterse Jennifer Sunbird
Yates Linda BeJeweled
Zubiate Phillip Vegas Duck