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Color for COLOR Subscribers!

Even before we renamed the magazine to COLOR we’d been thinking for a while about how to do a book devoted to color building. It suddenly occurred to me that what would be ideal is to have everyone contribute. And I mean everyone. All of our COLOR magazine subscribers! You’re as passionate about colored pencils as I am and I thought this could make a fabulous e-book to help people understand color more thoroughly, especially those new to colored pencil.

Here’s the idea…

On your next drawing, examine the larger color elements and break them down into main hues. For instance, on photo reference the main colors are green, black and red.

As I work on the reds, I’d scan or photograph the image in three stages, carefully noting which colors and pencil brands I used in each stage. (I would be helpful to name the images by the main color. For instance: red.step1.jpg)

Example: Since I have already drawn this image I can show you an example of the simple information I would document for the color RED:

As I work on the green leaves, I’d do the same - 3 stages with colors listed in the order I used them.You can submit as many demos for as many colors as you like.

Click here to submit your demos.

In the end, with well over 1,500 subscribers, we could potentially have a whole encyclopedia of color-building from the readers of COLOR! And because this will be created by everyone, all contributors will get this COLORS e-book absolutely free.

So warm up your scanners, get yourself a little notebook to keep by your drawing board to record colors in, and let’s create something amaaaaazing together!

Technical Info: Since this will be a digital book, huge image files won’t be necessary, but it’s always smart to set your phone cameras to HD when photographing art. Because light is more consistent with scanners than photos, we do recommend scanning over photographing, if size allows. Set your scanners to high resolution.

Click here to submit your demos.

Deadline: June 3, 2016