CD Combo 15 - Index

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A partial Index of what you will find in your CD Combo 15 (2014 issues)

(Yep...that means there's even more great stuff than what's listed here!)

Step-by-Step Lessons:

  1.                 January - Freckles by Holly Siniscal
  2.                 February – The Solvent Enhanced CP Process by John Ursillo, CPSA
  3.                 March – Establishing Darks by Ann Kullberg
  4.                 April – Still-life strawberries by Vickie Lawrence and Lion Cub by Alan Jones
  5.                 May – Time Saving Techniques by Sandra Angelo
  6.                 June – Apple on UART Sanded paper by Toni James
  7.                 July – Praying Hands by Sharon Kow
  8.                 August – Create a fractured CP drawing by Tiffany Bud
  9.                 September – Mixed media Macaw – Watercolor, Inktense and CP by Gretchen Evans Parker
  10.                 October – Using cold pressed watercolor block by Sherry Little Egger
  11.                 November – Rainbow Mandala by Angela Matuschka
  12.                 December – Lemur ACEO by Chandra Valli Paetsch

Artist Profiles

  1.                 January - Barbara Dahlstedt, Allison Fagan, Janet Mayes, June Wright
  2.                 February – Dan Miller
  3.                 April – Kate Clarke
  4.                 May – CPSA Board members
  5.                 June – Irina Cawton
  6.                 July – Susan Brinkman
  7.                 August – Barbara McGee
  8.                 September – Bleuie Acosta
  9.                 October – Richard Klekociuk
  10.                 November – Peggy Osborne
  11.                 December – Karen Hull


Artist apps: Grids

Color Chart

Color Wheel, printable

Erasers for black paper

Faber-Castell Pitt Pens and CP

Pencil Extender recommendation