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January 2013

Step by Step Lesson: by Ann Kullberg - Portrait preparation

Artist Profile: Paula Grooket

Grab Bag: by Hellen Martin - CP on a gourd

Critique: Glenn Keelan - Portrait

Art Tech: Perfect reference photos; adjusting contrast


  • Skin tones on suede board
  • Values - eraser tips to group pencils by value
  • Honest self-assessment


Girlish Giggles by Ana Tirolese (Portrait)

Lisa by Annemieke de Wit (Portrait)

Peace and Irie by Jane Honecutt (Portrait)

The Rangiwahia Rusler by Scott Meyers (Animal – Wild)

Blueberry Bowl by Barbara Goodsitt (Still Life)

Shorthead Redhorse by Emily S. Damstra (Animal – Wild)

February 2013

Step by Step Lesson: by Margi Hopkins - Make a landscape

Artist Profile: Bruce Hudkins

Grab Bag: by Gretchen Parker - Combining watercolor with CP - Background and clothing

Critique: Kathe Suddendorf - Still Life

Art Tech: Custom Backgrounds; using Adobe Fireworks


  • Floating heads
  • Zest-It revisited


Mums by Grace Cowling (Still Life)

Distortions by Janie Gildow (Still Life)

Petal by Sunil Joshi (Portrait)

Fatima by Barbara Dahlstedt (Portrait)

March 2013

Step by Step Lesson: by Penny Soto

  • Color under color
  • Dissect your picture by color

Artist Profile: Iris Stripling

Grab Bag: by Kathe Suddendorf: - Limit your Palette: 18 Pencils and you are set

Critique: Ruby Nelson - Animal

Art Tech: Gradient backgrounds


  • Sorting pencils
  • Using Colored Pencil on eggs/eggshells


Still Life with Summer Flowers by Veronica Winters (Still Life)

Fresh Citrus by Maryann Kot (Still Life)

In Focus by Johannes Wessmark (Still Life)

Ready for Take-Off! by Chris Fiskaa (Animal – Wild)

Training Ship Winston Churchill by Rex Stewart (Landscape)

Preseli Hillside with Hawthorns by Graham Brace (Landscape)

April 2013

Step by Step Lesson: by Chris Fiskaa - Drawing a tomato

Artist Profile: Cynthia Streit Mazzeferro

Grab Bag: by Kendra Ferreira

  • 3-D Dimensions
  • Combining colored pencil and wood crafts

Critique: Lori Fairchild - Still Life

Art Tech: Design & print bookmarks

Tips: Preview of CP Cats book and CP Horses boook


Red Car by Jessica Melrose (Still Life)

A Wrinkle in Time by Gail Shelton (Animal – Wild)

Pink-Purple Water Lily by Judith Nijhholt-Strong (Still Life)

Grandma’s Pear Pitcher by Cheryl Metzger (Still Life)

Rhododendron by Arlene Steinberg (Still Life)

Reflections on Heavy Metal by Lisa Mills (Still Life)

MAY 2013

Step by Step Lesson: by Barbara Dahlstedt - Portraits on black paper

Artist Profile: Cheryl Tipton Metzger

Grab Bag: by Jean Bourque - Your art in local galleries

Critique: Betsy Frahm - Still Life

Art Tech: Add water drops to an image


  • Cropping your images
  • Signing you art


Jade by Catherine Garneau (Animal – pet)

Jose by Oriol Arumi (Portrait)

Summer Pals by Cynthia Knox (Still Life)

The Pope by Brigitte Courte (Portrait)

Little Red Squirrel by Ria Spencer (Animal – Wild)

Humpback Whale by Karen Lybrand (Animal – Wild)

JUNE 2013

Step by Step Lesson: by Jo Goudie - Painting wildlife

Step by Step Lesson: by John DelMastro - Photographing birds

Artist Profile: Pat Jackman

Grab Bag:

  • Illustrating as a career by Val Webb
  • Falcons by Rich Adams
  • Realism vs abstract in nature by Stefan Peters

Art Tech: Using Photoshop to enhance photos by Heather H. Coen


  • Birds in art
  • How I connected with Trader Joe’s for licensing of artwork by Wendy Thompson


Joy by John DelMastro (Animal – Wild)

Hairy Woodpecker by Aleksandra Davis (Animal – Wild)

Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot by Susan Donley (Animal – Wild)

JULY 2013

Step by Step Lesson: by Kate Lagaly - Using the ocean and salt with watercolor and CP - Art from the Beach

Artist Profile: Jeffrey Green

Grab Bag:

  • Colored pencil artists and lovers on Facebook by Betsy Jones
  • Color pencil art with kids by David Cantrell

Critique: Member show entries

Art Tech: Facebook timeline photos


  • Using wood for art
  • Perspective distortion with your camera


Grapes N Wine by Sukanya Ramanathan (Still Life)

Cascading River by Erwin Lewandowski (Landscape)

Lower Tahquamenon Falls by Erwin Lewandowski (Landsacape)

East River Ferry by Chris Martin (Landscape)

Wind in the Valley by Dirk Bach (Still Life)

Stony Brook Cove by Judi (Landscape)


Step by Step Lesson: by Margi Hopkins - Linen and colored pencil

Artist Profiles: 14th Annual Member Show Award Winners

  • Best in show: Reflections by Howard Harris
  • 1st Place: Closer to the Light by Cheryl Mitzger
  • 2nd Place: Motmot in Quintana Roo by Sharon Hester
  • 3rd Place: Maryland Plaza by Susie Tenzer
  • 4th Place: Graffiti by Holly Sinsical

Grab Bag: by Vera Curnow - Art on many different surfaces

Critique: Dianne Gregg - Portrait

Art Tech: Portrait collage


  • Liquid Paper
  • Sharpener Update
  • Portable Light Box
  • Realism


Lake Como by Vince Vassallo (Landscape)

The River II by Donald Simon (Still Life)

Verona by Cira Cosentino (Still Life)

My Kids by Jan Henderson (Animal – Pet)

Levi Walker by Joe Belt (Portrait)

Sunset in a Bottle by Cecile Baird (Still Life)


Step by Step Lesson: by Patricia Latas - Transferring on mylar

Artist Profile: Susan Moyer

Grab Bag:

  • CPPY award winner
  • Nurturing your style

Critique: Lynda Sprague - Still Life


  • Resist Technique with Acrylic Inks
  • Blogs by Colored Pencil Artists
    • Linda Lucas Hardy
    • Katherine Thomas
    • Karen Hull


Shady Break by William Cassera (Animal – Wild)

Tomato Bull’s Eye by Elizabeth A. Patterson (Still Life)

Rosemary in Winter by Janice Norton (Still Life)

Still Life with a Pitcher by Robert Kogge (Still Life)

Sisters by Kirrily Duff (Portrait)


Step by Step Lesson: by Tracy Frein

  • Drawing on mylar

Artist Profile: Ranjini Venkatachari

Grab Bag:

  • Scratching in whiskers by Andrea Gianchiglia
  • Printing on Stonehenge by Ann Kullberg
  • CP earrings by Ann Kullberg

Critique: Lauren Roeder - Still Life

Art Tech: Sharing made easy- Dropbox



  • Drawing boards
  • Whiter whites


Autumn Jelly Beans by Paula Pertile (Still Life)

Chipmunk in the Moonlight by Sheryl McCollum (Animal – wild)

Aftermath by Francisco Cristich (Abstract)

Ash Leaf by Carrie Carlson (Still Life)

Koi Carp by Abby Hope Skinner (Animal – wild)

November 2013

Step by Step Lesson: by Virginia Carroll - Mixing realism with design

Artist Profile: Susan Tait Porcaro

Grab Bag: Mylar and improving your art utilizing angles

Critique: Darrell Williams - Animal

Art Tech: Photoshop Element Basics


  • Nifty gadgets
  • Promoting yourself


Take Me to the River by Julie Podstolski (Animal – Wild)

Mum’s the Word by Barbara Dahlstedt (Still Life)

Northern Mockingbird by Alan Woollett (Still Life)

Silent Sensation by Sunil Joshi (Portrait)

Dahlia Delight by Janet Mayes (Still Life)

December 2013

Step by Step Lesson: by Cira Cosentino - Painting on glass

Artist Profile: Lisa Mills

Grab Bag: by Pat Parker - Teaching using Ann’s kits

Critique: Christine Karron - Portrait

Art Tech: Digital projectors by Gina Rugito-Anderson


  • Shoe racks to hold books and magazines
  • The Colored Pencil Artist’s Handy Quick Answer Guide
  • UKCPS call for entries for the International Exhibition


El Jardin Hermoso by Rhonda Anderson (Still Life)

Solitary Stellar’s Jay by Deborah Strong (Animal – wild)

The Family Jewels by Eileen Nistler (Still Life)

Evan by Diane Siracusa (Portrait)

Reclining Onion by Elizabeth A. Patterson (Still Life)

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