Bring Ann To You

The Scoop on Becoming a Coordinator:

To bring my workshop to your city, I need one coordinator to act as a local contact. It is usually best if the coordinator already has a network of local artists who may be interested in taking my class.

The coordinator is responsible for:

- Finding a meeting place.
- Getting the word out locally.
- Fielding questions about hotels and local information for those traveling to the workshop.

In return, you get:

- A sizable discount off the price of the workshop.
- Ready-made marketing materials to use and help with promotion.
- The opportunity to bring my workshop to a city near you!

I pay for all expenses - meeting room, transportation, my hotel - and pay a per-student finder's fee if an organization (CPSA Chapter, art league, etc) is sponsoring the workshop.

How to Start

Don't be shy, let's talk today! If there is interest in your area, the first thing we'd do together is set dates. Then I add it to my workshop listings, advertise it in COLOR Magazine and social media, and we're off and running!

Fill out the form above and make sure to check the box about becoming a local coordinator!