Mark Menendez: Proud Peacock Colored Pencil Tutorial

The majestic peacock has always been a favorite subject of artists. In this project, you will use rich, vibrant color to create this stunning wildlife portrait, including Mark’s popular technique for creating life-like eyes, which is included in 6 very clear, very easy to understand steps.

Starting with luscious Turquoise Blue Canson Mi-Teintes paper, learn how to use the color of the surface to simplify the colored pencil drawing process. Also learn to simplify complicated textures and patterns without losing the effect of realism and enjoy using bright, vivid colors. We know you’ll be proud (as a peacock) of your finished drawing!

Only 20 colored pencils needed! View the supply list for this project >>

Mark Menendez is a fine artist, illustrator and traveling teacher with over 30 years experience teaching art. You are in a master instructor's hands with Mark's tutorials!

♦ Save a trip to the store - Add graphite tracing paper. Simply choose from the drop down menu above.
Available in print and digital download.

The print packet comes complete with line drawing, reference image, instructions and one 8.5" x 11" sheet of Canson drawing paper.

Printed in the USA.

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