Tulips & Textures: In-Depth Tutorial

  • A sunny still life to make you happy! Open tulips, rustic wood grain and intricate textures- you will adore bringing this drawing to bloom! U.K. artist Janie Pirie developed this tutorial with her award-winning style and precision. But Janie is more than an incredible artist, she's an incredible instructor- she'll walk you through minutely detailed instructions for every color and every technique, every step of the way.  


    What you'll learn

    Wood Grain: Rustic wood grain that looks so real you'll worry about splinters. Janie shows you every step.

    Yellows: One of the hardest colors to shade and get just right, let Janie show you how.

    Foliage: Make your leaves every bit as realistic as these, with Janie's palette and guidance.

    Textures: So much going on in this tutorial, it's almost like taking a full drawing course. But with 41 images, you'll see every step.

    We get that! But why limit yourself to simple pictures when, with instruction, you can draw like this? Taking advantage of expert instruction is one of the best ways to improve quickly, while having fun. Janie is passionate about teaching her art and holds nothing back in these 20 pages. You can do it!

    Draw...Frame...Admire Forever!

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    • 41 full-color, step-by-step images / 20 pages

    • Reference Photo & Line Drawing to transfer

    • Highly detailed instructions for every step, including the pressure you should use, how sharp a point to use, etc

    • Emphasis on the why of the particular technique, rather than just the "what", which is by far the best kind of instruction. You'll find no clearer or more thorough colored pencil instruction online.

      Note: Stonehenge drawing paper not included. (Order pre-cut sheets from the Extras tab above)

  • Use the Choose Options dropdown menu above to add the following time-saving extras to your order:

    - 4 sheets Stonehenge white drawing paper, pre-cut for this tutorial.

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