Sunrise Colored Pencil Project Kit

  • Only 8 colored pencils are needed to draw this beautiful, glowing sunrise and trees!  That’s what makes this one of the most popular colored pencil kits. Pat Averill, master landscape artist, shows you how to create that amazing first-light glow of the rising sun, along with how to simplify textures and details.  As complicated as it looks, this is actually a great kit for beginners as well as the seasoned artist.

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  • Project Kit includes:

    Step by Step images (7)

    Line Drawing to trace/transfer

    Palette & Materials List

    Reference photo

    Stonehenge Drawing paper (not included with Digital Download version)

    Clear, layer-by-layer, color-by-color highly detailed instruction

    Best Colored Pencil Project Kits anywhere - and check out our Happiness Guarantee

  • Use the Choose Options dropdown menu above to add the following time-saving extras to your order:

    4 extra sheets Stonehenge drawing paper, of pre-cut, just in case you goof or want extra practice.

    4 sheets transfer paper: gray,  9" x 13"

    Both Stonehenge paper + transfer paper

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