Swallowtail Butterfly In-Depth Tutorial

  • An enchanting subject you will absolutely love drawing! 

    The 48 full color demos  show you every step along the way.  Dreamy, soft backgrounds along with vibrant colors & contrast – you will discover it all with this captivating In-Depth Tutorial by Denise Howard.

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    • 48 full-color, step-by-step images / 23 pages

    • Reference Photo & Line Drawing to transfer

    • Highly detailed instructions for every step, including the pressure you should use, how sharp a point to use, etc

    • Emphasis on the why of the particular technique, rather than just the "what", which is by far the best kind of instruction. You'll find no clearer or more thorough colored pencil instruction online.

      Note: Stonehenge drawing paper not included. (Order pre-cut sheets from the Extras tab above)

  • Use the Choose Options dropdown menu above to add the following time-saving extras to your order:

    - 4 sheets Stonehenge white drawing paper, pre-cut for this tutorial.

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