Karen Hull US Workshop Tour

Award winning Australian artist Karen Hull is one incredible colored pencil artist, entirely self-taught and full to the brim with creative, innovative ways to convey her artwork. You know her from her art and from her wonderful project tutorials that consistently sell like hotcakes!

Her mastery at producing stunning colored pencil artist is second to none...and now she's teaching here in the US!

This is Karen's first visit ever to the US and it's unlikely to be repeated in the near future, so take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from a master.

Ann Kullberg Presents: Karen Hull's US Workshop Tour, April 2016.

3 City Workshop Tour: Seattle -  Ft. Worth -  Los Angeles

Ft. Worth - THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL with 7 on the wait list.
Anaheim - Only 1 spot left!

Just meeting such a renowned artist is a thrill, but Karen's info-packed 2-day workshop will bring your colored pencil techniques to a whole new level. In fact, we guarantee the workshop will exceed your expectations on every level or your money back. Karen is thrilled to be coming to the US and is very dedicated to teaching you everything she knows and helping you in every way to master her techniques with colored pencil on drafting film.

Several years ago I discovered the 'magic' of colored pencils and following my search on the internet for step by step instruction, I came across Karen Hull’s tutorials. I quickly became friends with Karen, who was a lovely, approachable lady and gave me positive encouragement to pursue my drawing. I am the proud owner of more than 20 of Karen's tutorials ranging from my passion of animal drawing to human portraits. Anybody using these tutorials will have an immense sense of pride at the wonderful art they can achieve. - Elaine Halls


In Just 2 Days You'll Learn:

• How to create wonderfully realistic pet portraits on drafting film

• How to make your eyes sparkle with shine and depth

• Achieve crisp, fine whiskers on your pet in just minutes

• How to build beautiful color

• A range of techniques for working on drafting film that can be applied to any subject

• A host of information about working with colored pencils on drafting film to maximize the benefits and overcome the limitations






Why Learn from Karen?

Besides being an artist who consistently creates breathtaking colored pencil art, Karen has been teaching for many years via her dozens of tutorials. An instructor who knows how to break a project down into small, easy-to-follow steps, Karen will guide you through every stage. All demos will be projected onto a large screen, so everyone in class will easily see every move Karen makes with her pencils. With clear step-by-step instruction and frequent mini-demos, you'll see learn how Karen draws this stunning blue-eyed cat project and how you can, too.


Even if cats aren't your thing, Karen's workshop will leave you with new found expertise on working with drafting film - a surface that is so popular because it requires fewer layers to achieve beautiful results and it's fun to work on!

All levels will benefit from this workshop - even those brand new to colored pencil or art. (Only basic drawing skills are required as Karen will provide a reference photo and a basic line drawing to transfer.)

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3 great cities for 3 great workshops next spring...the loveliest time to travel.  Choose quickly before your preferred workshop fills. Class size strictly limited to 24.

Anaheim - Only 1 spot left!




Karen's instructions are well written, easy to understand and you really feel that you are becoming an artist. Karen is always happy to point you in the right direction for anything you are unsure of.  - Billie McDonald

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No Regret

Now and then, life throws us opportunities that are never repeated.Who knows when Karen will be able to take the long, long trek from Australia to the US again so take advantage this time!

Karen is a wonderful resource to all colored pencil artists. She thinks outside the box and does some very creative things with her art and willingly passes that information on to others. She also makes herself available and is a great resource if you have a question. - Clydeine Oglesby

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